How do I perform a transaction?

The Cube app can be used with or without the Cube device. Without the device, the app may be used to accept and take records (for book-keeping purposes and balancing your accounts) for cash transactions. With the device, bank cards (e.g. smartcards) can be accepted. To accept smartcards, connect the Cube-device with your mobile-phone (or other mobile-device) and then launch the app. After the app is launched, enter the amount and a short description of the item you’re selling. You may also want to take a picture of it. Then, click “Charge”, and hand the mobile-phone and cube-device (with the cube-device connected) to the customer and tell them to insert their card into the cube-device as requested by our app (further steps will be provided on the phone screen), and then to enter their PIN into the cube-device’s pinpad when they are asked to do so, and then confirm the payment by clicking OK/EN/Enter. After the payment has gone through successfully, an e-receipt page will come up, and you can send a receipt to the customer’s email address and you’re done!