HOW IT WORKS (Audio Jack Model)

Its as easy as one, two, three.

1. Sign-Up; Get Cube

Sign-up, get the Cube device, install the app on your phone (or other mobile device).

2. Take a payment

Insert Cube (Audio-jack model) into your phone's audio-jack and launch the app. Enter the amount and a short description of item being sold; click "Charge". Give the phone (with Cube inserted into it) to the customer/payer and tell them to insert their card into the Cube-device as requested by our app, and then to enter their PIN into the Cube-device's pinpad when they are asked to do so, and then confirm the payment by clicking OK/EN/Enter. The transaction is processed (without using the Internet; but can also use the internet if you prefer/choose-to). Send a receipt to the customer's phone (SMS-receipt) or email (e-receipt).

3. Money to your bank

Money is deposited to your bank-account on file, within 1 to 2 business days! Done.